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The City of Johannesburg Public Libraries provide a reading development programme for home-based pre-school care centres and crèches to create awareness of opportunities for child development and mental growth of children.  

“Pre-literacy skills cover far more than a child’s ability to identify letters, numbers, or shapes. It includes important skills such as oral language and phonological and phonemic awareness (the awareness of sounds), as well as knowledge of the alphabet and an understanding of common print concepts such as knowing that print goes from left to right and from up to down on a page” says Ms Nobuntu Mpendulo, the Director of Johannesburg Public Libraries.

The library services provide and exchange suitable picture and theme books in English. Each box contains 35 to 60 books depending on the need of each individual centre that is determined by the number of children and age groups as well as the level of development of the children. Boxes are packed and sorted according to themes that include inter alia, healthy living, my first experience, my country your country, homes and holidays, me and my family, the things we eat, transport and communication, seasons and so on. Books are issued and rotated on a monthly basis.

This year, from January to March 2024, 96 ECD centres has registered, and 8155 books were delivered.

BY Victor Mphela: Manager –Service Extension and Resource Development


Access free ebooks, e-magazines, newspapers, articles and audiobooks!!
In 2024  our library programmes will include Internet Safety as a theme, aimed at empowering communities with information about online safety, fake news,  misinformation, and cybersecurity.
The Internet Safety Mobile Literacy programme will also be included in the Mobireadathon reading development programme for high schools, where learners will be reading about internet safety. It is aimed at developing Smart Citizenry and empowering communities to safely navigate digital platforms. 
We will be distributing more ICT tools to regions to enable the libraries to introduce digital programmes. 

We wish our library community a safe and successful new year! !!

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About Us

Learn Online, Learn Electronically, Learn New Skills, Improve Your Knowledge, Learn At Your Own Pace.

What We do!

  • Collection development and management of collections suitable for the needs of Johannesburg communities
  • Provision of safe and free library facilities for reading, learning. and personal development
  • Provision of free and guided access to  information, including carefully selected digital content.
  • Development, promotion and maintainence of a reading culture through the delivery of programs.
  • We support Early Childhood Development through collaborations with ECD centers, NGO’s and communities. We provide educational support services, such as science and technology awareness projects and campaigns in order to empower the youth.
  • City of Johannebsurg Library services are open to all members of the Johannesburg community, including those from disadvantaged areas, who wish to improve their lives, learn new skills and empower themselves, so they can also participate in the digital economy. Learn more


Become a Member!

Residents of all ages are welcome to join their local library. You can just click on the joining link below and fill in the online form to become a  member. Upon being accepted, the library will issue the user with a membership number. The general waiting period for a member to be processed is five working days. If you wish to take more than five books at a time a membership fee of R30 will apply. Find out more by contacting  your local library.

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Conditions of use

The registered member is responsible for all the library material  issued on membership number. Membership expires after 3 years. You can renew your membership for free.  You will be held liable for any lost books and you will be charged the full price of the said book. You are liable for the upkeep of books that you have borrowed and the return of these books on time.. Treat the library building,  collections as well as other library users with the utmost respect. Librarians are available to help you find information in books and other sources, or using free wifi to access digital content.  Learn more »

Our work

Free Digital Content

City of Johannesburg libraries in collaboration with Microsoft appointed partner Afrika Tikkun  brings you  an online courses  platform: Mzansidigitallearning. This digital literacy programme, brings course content offering a vast range of online courses,  from basic digital skills courses to intermediate digital skills and selected job-specific courses. The initiative aims to empower  communities with the knowledge and digital skills that can improve employability, and learning how to interact with technology, at work, business, or home. Click on Learn with Microsoft and Afrika Tikkun!  Register for for Free!

The Africa Online Safety (AOS) Platform provides a rich repository of research, education content, funding opportunities and ways to seek help if an online crime has occurred. This site is intended to address the complexity of understanding what online safety issues are affecting different parts of Africa, how to keep yourself and young people safe online, how to teach online safety formally in schools and at home, funding opportunities for safety innovators, and how to get help if a crime or other violation has occurred.

Google (SA), In collaboration with City of Johannesburg Libraries, offers free online courses through the Grow with Google project. “In 2021, Google announced a plan to invest $1B over 5 years to support Africa’s digital transformation. The investment focuses on enabling fast, affordable Internet access for more Africans; building helpful products; supporting entrepreneurship and small business; and helping nonprofits to improve lives across Africa.

Grow with Google is a programme that helps people to grow their digital skills, careers or businesses using technology.”

Click on Learn with Google, and Register for Free!!

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