Readers are Leaders

Gwyneth Perry, Senior Librarian, @ Weltevreden Park Library In my years of working in the library field, I have noticed a definite trend. Children who read prolifically and are regular library users often excel academically and become leaders within their schools. I am often very proud of my young library users when I’m told that… Continue reading Readers are Leaders

Nurturing our creative spirit

by Gwyneth Perry. Weltevreden Senior Librarian Every person on earth has some level of creativity within them. We are all makers, whether it be making clothes, or cooking and baking, or creating digital video presentations and elaborate websites. Children are especially good at being creative as they don’t have as great a fear of failure… Continue reading Nurturing our creative spirit

The joy of reading to a child!

By Gwyneth Perry, Senior Librarian, @ Weltevreden Park Library Reading a story to a child is one of life’s great pleasures. Nothing beats seeing the excitement on their faces as the story reaches a pivotal point, or the interaction from a young listener as he interrupts the story to tell you all about something amazing… Continue reading The joy of reading to a child!

HELLO! Welcome to our Blog space

Welcome to our first Libraries Blogging space. We will be publishing writings from library staff and other contributors. It is a space to share thoughts about different topics, ranging from librarianship to social issues, events, and achievements. If you would like to contribute an article, you can email us at or  

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