Noordgesig Library

The newly revamped Noordgesig library was officially launched on 08th September 2021. which was also International Literacy Day 2021. Noordgesig library has a collection size of over 10 800 information sources. This collection is complemented by an eBooks collection ( accessible 24/7 through smart devices using personal data or library wifi. The library is divided… Continue reading Noordgesig Library

Tshiawelo Library

The Tshiawelo Library is largely used by students from various tertiary institutions who use the library for study and reference purposes. A study area is provided to students and researchers to be able to study in relative peace and quiet. During the school holidays, the library runs various fun holiday programmes. In addition to that,… Continue reading Tshiawelo Library


The library offers people free access to a wealth of information and other information-related services, whether online or in print. We work closely with local schools and collaborate with the relevant authorities and educators. The library has many educational programmes for everyone from juveniles to seasoned members of the community. Programmes that we host are… Continue reading Slovoville

Protea North Library

The Protea North Library is staffed by a Senior Librarian, two Library Assistants, General Assistant and a relief worker. The collection at Protea North Library constists of adult and junior fiction and non-fiction books as well as a collection of reference books. The library consists of two floors. The upper level is used for study… Continue reading Protea North Library

Protea Glen Library

Protea Glen Library is committed to helping children and adults develop the skills they need to survice and thrives in a global information society, the ability to read and use computers. Basic functional literacy is an essential skill for individual’s personal and professional growth. The library has a good collection of non-fiction and fiction books.… Continue reading Protea Glen Library

Pimville Library

Pimville Library has a diverse community raging from elderly people to young families with small children. The members cover the full spectrum of racial groupings and are generally income. There is a greater demand for leisure reading material then study and reference work, Although we do provide a service to children and students needing information… Continue reading Pimville Library

Phiri Library

Phiri library is situated in Soweto close to the recreation centre and clinic. The library offers people free access to a wealth of information that they cannot find elsewhere, whether online, in print, or in person. We work closely with local schools and support educators. The library has many educational programmes for everyone from juvenal… Continue reading Phiri Library

Orlando East Library

Orlando East Library is staffed by a Senior Librarian, one Library Assistant, a General Worker and a part-time Librarian from Gauteng province. The collection at Orlando East Library consists of adult, reference and junior fiction and non-fiction books. The library has PAIL (Public Access to Internet in Libraries) to the community of Orlando free of… Continue reading Orlando East Library

Noordgesig Library

Noordgesig Library is the heart and soul of the community. There are more formal opportunities too, such as joining a friend of the library group or becoming a library trustee.Our library in addition to connecting people to information we connect people to people.The Library collection is arranged according to sections. We have Adult, Junior and… Continue reading Noordgesig Library

Mofolo Library

Mofolo Library is situated in Soweto, it is surrounded by both public, private, EDC centers and colleges. It serves people from different cultural backgrounds such as Christianity, Muslims, Hindu etc. We also extend our services to old age homes, NPO and business people. The library offers a quiet study area, as well as common areas… Continue reading Mofolo Library

Meadowlands Library

Meadowlands Library has a collection of programmes aimed at early Childhood development (storytelling and educational games), Youth empowerment, promoting reading and writing to the local communities of Meadowlands. Most of our library patrons are between the ages of 5-35. It is situated inside Meadowlands shopping centre and so patrons get the chance to enjoy the… Continue reading Meadowlands Library

Klipspruit West Library

Klipspruit West Library is staffed by Librarian, Assistant Librarian and General worker. The collection at Klipspruit West Library consists of adult and junior fiction and non-fiction books. During school holidays the library hosts programmes to keep the children out off the streets. We also work with the schools around ward 11. We actively participate in… Continue reading Klipspruit West Library

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