Yeoville Library

Yeoville Library is the central service unit of Yeoville community. Its main purpose is to offer a wide range of knowledge and wisdom related to community economic development, eradication of poverty and self-individual empowerment to residents of Yeoville. It consists of four sections which are children, young adult, adult and study section. The library host… Continue reading Yeoville Library

Southdale Library

Southdale Library is inside Southdale shopping centre it is a very busy library servicing largely the Muslim community. Southdale library is committed to promote literature by making sure that everyone has equal access to library materials and services. The suburbs reached by the library are Southdale, Robertsham, Turffontein, Booysens, Ormonde, Crown Gardens, Chrisville and Bellavista.… Continue reading Southdale Library

Southhills Library

South Hills Library is a unique and vibrant region F service provider. Very small library serving different needs of its large community. The library provides the community with information services through the promotion and development of reading and lifelong learning to the communities of South Hills, Steeldale, Moffat View, City Deep, La Rochelle, Regents Park,… Continue reading Southhills Library

Rossettenville Library

Rossettenville Library is situated in Rossettenville shopping Centre. The Library caters for people from Rossettenville, Regents Park, La Rochelle, Turffontein and The Hill. The Library has a specialized African Display Corner that is aimed at promoting Pan-Africanism. Apart from the library collection, it also has programs aimed at early childhood development like Story Telling and… Continue reading Rossettenville Library

Rhodes Park Library

We strive to ensure that library users are served with courtesy and dignity. Rhodes Park library is one of the busiest library in the Region. The library provides Library and Information services through the promotion and development of a culture of reading. We have ongoing programs offered to our patrons. The library holds Abet classes… Continue reading Rhodes Park Library

Murray Park Library

Murray Park Library is in Murry Park situated next to Fairview Fire Station. Library is in partnership with Nalibali runs 13 book clubs 12 of them in John Mitchell Primary and one in the library. Our programmes are educational and social issues awareness to our kids and adults. We have a homework help desk which… Continue reading Murray Park Library

Mayfair Library

The library serves as headquarters for region F libraries. Mayfair staff has good team working spirit and ensures that the needs of the community come first. Mayfair library is surrounded by a primary schools which we work closely with. The literacy unit is based at Mayfair library, Classes are conducted at the nearby NGO (ALBAYAAN)… Continue reading Mayfair Library

Malvern Library

The library offers people free access to a wealth of information that they cannot find elsewhere, whether online, in print, or in person. We work closely with local schools and support educators. The library has many educational programs for everyone from juvenile to old. Program that we host are Science Scuffle, Story Skirmish, Battle of… Continue reading Malvern Library

Hillbrow Library

Hillbrow Library is committed to fair equitable access to services, programmes, and resources. The main aim of Hillbrow Library is to instill a culture of reading in its community members. Our library provides reading materials to different age groups, starting from toddlers to pensioners. The users can take reading materials home, provided they are registered… Continue reading Hillbrow Library

Glenanda Library

Glenanda Library pride itself as a leading vehicle for the provision of excellent Library and Information services in Glenanda and surrounding areas. The library provides Library and Information services through the promotion and development of reading and lifelong learning to the communities of Glenvista. Library services range from the circulation of books, storytimes, and free… Continue reading Glenanda Library

Brixton Library

Brixton Library strives for excellent services to inculcate a culture of lifelong reading and learning. Brixton public library is situated as part of the Mayfair West area, which is a more affluent area of Mayfair and fast becoming a predominantly Indian residential area. The library is in an easily accessible area near the main road… Continue reading Brixton Library

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