Vlakfontein Library

The library staffing consists of one Senior Library Assistant and one General Assistant. The libray has a study area which provides a quiet study place for those that wish to do so. Wi-Fi is available to the public for free in order to facilitate seamless research by anyone wishing to use it. The library hosts… Continue reading Vlakfontein Library

Poortjie Library

The library became a cultural centre for the community of Poortjie by providing educational resources.Library was established in 1996 and it opened with a collection of about 500 books in a small room next to the community hall. Today Poortjie library has a total of 1500 members and library materials of over 5000 items and… Continue reading Poortjie Library

Orange Farm Library

Orange Farm Library was established around 2002 and officially opened in April 2004. It is the first library at Orange Farm serving the whole community of Orange Farm from wards 1- 5, it also accommodates residents from Palm Springs, Sebokeng, Sharpeville and Vereeniging. It was built in an informal settlement area, now has developed into… Continue reading Orange Farm Library

Naturena Library

The library is situated in the Naturena area, South of Johannesburg. It caters to the whole community. We have a good relationship with pre-schools, primary schools and high schools close by. Naturena library participates in the following programmes; Story hour, Story Skirmish, Battle of the Book, and Science Scuffle. The library also offers homework assistance… Continue reading Naturena Library

Lenasia South Library

Lenasia South Library was opened in the year 1995 by SMLC municipality. The library is located in the suburb of Lenasia South and it forms an integral part of 14 libraries in region g under City of Johannesburg Libraries. The library offers the following programs; Science Scuffle, Battle of the Books, Story Skirmish, Storytimes, Business… Continue reading Lenasia South Library

Lenasia Ext. 3 Library

The Lenasia Ext .3 Library is one of two libraries in Lenasia and it has been in existance for around 40 years under auspices of the City of Johannesburg. The library opened in 1975 and was originally housed in a 800 square room but received a significant extension 15 years ago. The library now has… Continue reading Lenasia Ext. 3 Library

Lenasia Ext 1 Library

Lenasia Ext 1 Library is situated in Lenasia Ext 1 Civic Centre. The library was built in 1970’s by the SMLC municipality and it was approximately 1200 m2. It was next to Lenasia post office and later moved to Civic Centre it is opposite the taxi rank. It was also extended now and divided into… Continue reading Lenasia Ext 1 Library

Ennerdale Ext 9 Library

Ennerdale Library Ext 9 was named after Mrs Louisa Prince, she was born in 1930’s during apartheid era. She was a community builder, an activist, a Sunday school teacher and religious preacher. Her community involvement started in earnestly when she developed the first primary school in Ennerdale. Our collection include printed materials, digital access through… Continue reading Ennerdale Ext 9 Library

Ennerdale Ext. 1 Library

Ennerdale Ext. 1 Library was opened by CLR Nandi Mayathula-Khoza on the 30th March 1999, and was built by Southern Metropolitan Local Council. Ennerdale Ext. 1 Library is a branch library that occupies 33.13×13.40 M2. It offers services to the most disadvantaged in the region i.e. Thulamtwana, Lawley, Finetown, Grasmere, Ennerdale, Majasana, Migson Manor and… Continue reading Ennerdale Ext. 1 Library

Eldorado Park Ext. 5 Library

Eldorado Park was built in 1991, and was opened in March 1992 with 7 staff members (2 Librarians, 4 Library Assistants, and 1 General Assistant). When the library had limited facilities for the communities, and these were extended later as the library was renovated. The library is now a two-story building, with the main library… Continue reading Eldorado Park Ext. 5 Library

Eldorado Park Ext 2 Library

The J.D.Opperman Centre was officially opened on 4 December 1976. The library was opened between 1976 -1977. Its immediate success amongst the children in the area showed that it was quite inadequate in size. The library also offers homework assistance to school children and also caters to them by creating a safe environment for learning.… Continue reading Eldorado Park Ext 2 Library

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