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The library is staffed by two Librarians, two Senior Library Assistants, and one General worker. The collection at Bryanston Library consists of adult fiction and non-fiction, young adult fiction and non-fiction, junior fiction and non-fiction plus a large print of books. There is a collection of references for both adults and children. The audio-visual collection consists of CDs for adult and junior books read onto discs. This is a new service available at Bryanston Library: Tape aids for Blind are sponsoring 20 adult and 20 children audiobooks on CD in MP3 format. They will swap these books every 2 months. During March, July, and December school holidays the library hosts holiday programmes. Every Wednesday at 2:30 pm Bryanston Library host children’s storytime. The Friends of the Bryston Library (FOBL) was formed in March 1998 to raise money to buy books for the Bryanston Library. Juliet Manning is the chairperson of Friends of Bryanston Library. FOBL members donate an annual amount choosing, and together with income derived from monthly FOBL book sales, they buy the latest books for the exclusive use of FOBL members.


    1. Hi David

      Thank you for your interest in joining our libraries. You can apply in person, by bringing your ID and proof of residence. You can also apply online. To apply online> You visit our website home page and click “membership:” You fill in a Google form. Your membership will be ready within 7 days and you use the allocated number at any branch within the Johannesburg municipality

      Happy reading

      Your eLearning Librarian

      1. Hi. I just went to the library and they would not join me. They said I had to do it online and sent me away.

        1. Hi Cheryl
          Apologies for that miscommunication. Yes membership can be done online, but we normally also show our library users HOW to join on line , because you can even use your smart phone if there is WIFI or data.
          We have also responded to your email regarding block loans.

          Happy reading
          YOur elearning Librarian

  1. What a problem to join the Bryanston Library! on visiting, I was told to go on line, which I am trying to do, but on place to fill in a form. I am a pensioner, and eventually found a form for a student! please help!

    1. Dear John
      Please give us more information on the community hours or speak to the librarian at your nearest local library.

      Elearning Office

    1. Dear Roy
      We do accept donations, and yes, preferably items that are current, valuable to the communities and in good condition. Please enquire with Bryanston Library regarding their selection processes and how to submit donations.

      Elearning office

    1. Dear Mikateko
      There are selected libraries that open during exams but we always announce on our Facebook page and on this website, if and when certain libraries are open on Saturdays during exams. WE have not yet made that announcement. It is usually June and December exams, but please keep checking our social media and website for updates.

      Elearning office

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