Eldorado Park Ext 2 Library

The J.D.Opperman Centre was officially opened on 4 December 1976. The library was opened between 1976 -1977. Its immediate success amongst the children in the area showed that it was quite inadequate in size. The library also offers homework assistance to school children and also caters to them by creating a safe environment for learning. We have a good relationship with local schools and collaborate in programmes like Battle of the Book and Story Skirmish competitions with the aim of continuously developing and helping our community. The programmes are designed to promote literacy and stress the importance of libraries to juveniles and the community at large.


    1. You can apply for membership from our website cojelearning.org.za click on membership and fill in the form. It will take you 7 days to get your memebrship and you will use that number at any of our libraries.

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