Emndeni Library

Emndeni Library consists of six permanent staff members and two Senior Library Assistants, one Library Assistant, one General worker, one Literacy Facilitator, and one Relief worker. We have the following collection: adult fiction, adult reference, adult easy reading, literacy, junior fiction, junior non-fiction, junior reference books, an audio-visual collection consisting of CD’s and DvD’s, adult large-print fiction, and adult fiction Braille collection loaned from S.A. Library for Blind Adult. Our reference consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks for high school learners and tertiary students. The Library has 12 computers for public usage, 51 Laptops for online classes, and free Wi-Fi Collection usage. The fiction collection is used for Recreational reading or enjoyment both for adults and children. The reference collection is for homework assistance for OVC children, high school learners and for research for tertiary students and educators.


  1. Good day. I would like to know if you offer computer lessons and if so do you also offer on weekends as well and how much if one wants to do it?

    1. Dear Emily
      Apologies for the delayed response.
      Our Public Libraries do not charge anything for programmes offered by Libraries. The library used to have laptops and a classroom but the laptops were outdated so we are trying to upgrade or find them replacement. So currently there are no organized computer lessons at the library but I will speak to the Librarian to find out if they can organize them and I will keep your details and cotnact your again once the librarian has updated us.

      Your eLearning Librarian

    1. Dear Thapelo
      Yes our Libraries are open during December holidays except for a few days of government holidays and between Christmas and new years
      We will be closed on the 14nth December for all staff sports day, the 15nth December is the Rugby world cup holiday, and then we close again on the 23rd December until the 1st. We reopen on the 2nd of January 2024.

      Please follow our Facebook Page “Joburg Libraries” for updates and we will also do an update on the home page of the website.

      Thank you for your patronage
      Wishing you a lovely festive season and a happy new year.

      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. Hi Sanele
      Our libraries for now, do not open on Saturdays, due to labour dispute that is currently being resolved.

      Elearning Office

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