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Linden Library is committed to helping all members of the community from adults to childern in order for them to develop the necessary skills that they need to survive and thrive in a global information society and enrich them with moral life lessons and digital skills. Basic functional literacy is an essential skill for all individuals particularly for good personal and professional growth. Our library has a good non-fiction and fiction book collection that has been acquired with the aim of stimulating young and older minds to both dreams of possibilities and explore the world all within our establishment. All reading levels are catered for with our collection whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level. We also host a variety of programmes such as Story Time on Wednesdays at 15:00. During school holidays when young minds need inspiration we host holiday programmes with the aim of keeping the youth engaged and constantly learning.


  1. good day
    I would like to email my id and proof of address to you for my new membership at Linden Library. Can you please share your email adress with me.

    1. Good day Yolanda
      Thank you for your interest in joining our library services.
      Here are your options
      1. Join online under membership, you get an email with your number after 7 days. You can start taking EBOOKS on the website under Overdrive.
      2. ONCE you have that number, if you need physical books, the first time going to the library you can bring the ID and proof of address for record keeping and you can take books immediately because you are already registered online.
      3. Otherwise if you are not registered online, you need to physically bring those items to the library and then wait for for 14 days for the membership to be processed

      Your Elearning librarian

  2. Are the following books available at your library? Unsaid by Neil Abramson
    The Blue Nowhere by Jeffrey Deaver
    Any books by Catherine Hokin, Katie Hewitt
    The Dutch wife by Ellen Keith

    1. Hi Avrille
      Apologies for such a delayed reply. Somehow we missed this message.
      WE will pass the message to the librarian, and we will update you.

      Your eLearning Librarian

  3. Thank you. I was in the library this afternoon, Friday 11th August. I think I dropped a green woolen scarf in the toilet. Please check.
    All the bedt

    1. Dear Tony
      We will forward this message to the library staff and if they found it, we will let you know

      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. HI Chantal
      Yes , you can speak to your librarian at Linden Library about book donations.

      Elearning Office

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