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The library serves as headquarters for region F libraries. Mayfair staff has good team working spirit and ensures that the needs of the community come first. Mayfair library is surrounded by a primary schools which we work closely with. The literacy unit is based at Mayfair library, Classes are conducted at the nearby NGO (ALBAYAAN) MADRESSA. The Mayfair area is prominently dominated by multiracial people like Indians, Somalians, Pakistans, White and Black. Recently we are working on adding Islamic books in our library to accommodate all our users. The library hold programmes like Science Scuffle, Battle of the Books, Story Skirmish, Story times and Business workshops.


  1. Good day

    My name is Khanya Ndabankulu, I am a student at the Unisa currently doing a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I stay in Auckland Park, I would like to volunteer at the library. I enjoy reading and being surrounded by books, as someone who aspires to be a writer one day I believe working at the library would give me the required skills to learn the craft of writing

    1. Good day Khanya
      Thank you for your interest in our library services. Well done on embarking on your studies. Unfortunately we no longer take volunteers in our public libraries due to new regulations.
      I suggest that you try other nearby institutions like the Universities. For example you can approach UJ library services and ask to volunteer at their Auckland Campus. Tyr to email them here or you can find other email addresses here

      Otherwise, you can continue using our public libraries to read books as one of our members.

      Good luck with your studies
      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. Dear Ndumi
      Please give us more information. Who are you referring to with regards to computers.

      Your elearning Librarian

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