Melville Library

Melville Library provides quiet areas for studying, as well as common areas for collaboration. We have computers for patrons to access the internet, use for personal and professional reasons like creating a CV, sending email and to access our electronic books on overdrive. The library is located inside the beautiful Melville Boulevard Shopping center and provides a safe and study conducive environment. Most of our regular patrons are students due to our close proximity to local Universities and Schools. Patrons use the library to do research, group work, and study. We also have a variety of programmes such as Story Time and allow for business workshops. Every month our library staff makes efforts to visit people with disabilities and empart knowledge while reading them stories.


  1. Hello this is rudo from the preschool , we would like to bring the little ones to Friday
    Please contact me for confirmation

    1. Good day Rudo
      Our libraries are open on Fridays but you can speak to the librarian if you want to arrange a specific organized activity, and plan before Friday. This is the Librarian’s

      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. Dear Chanel
      You can search for job opportunities on the shortcut link to City of Joburg website, by clicking >> (on this website menu)
      OR go directly to the City website and click “work in Joburg” on the menu. It will show you different opportunities from different departments, for contract work, internships, permanent posts ect. If there are any available vacancies in libraries, they are also listed on the above links.

      Good luck
      Your elearning Librarian

    1. Dear Sanele
      Thank you for your interest in our library services. To become a member, you can register for membership, online at the safety and comfort of your home.
      To register online as a library member, click on Membership from the website homepage ( and fill in the Google form, your membership number will be ready within 7 working days. You can use that membership number for E-books and audiobooks through the Libby app, and other online resources like digital newspapers and magazines, or online articles for research through our website. You can also use it at any of the 87 City of Johannesburg libraries for printed books.

      Happy reading!!
      Your Elearning Librarian

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