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Olivedale Library offers people with free access to a wealth of information that they cannot find elsewhere, whether online, in print or in person. We work closely with local schools and support educators. The library has many educational programmes for everyone from juvenal to old. Programs that we host are Science Scuffle, Story Skirmish, Battle of the Books and Business workshops. The librarian also visits the schools and pre-school to read stories every Wednesday. We also provides homework assistant, career guidance and information literacy. E-books are accessible by registered members of the library on overdrive.


  1. Hi,
    I live here in Olivedale, along Pritchard Street, and would like to enquire about access to borrowing books from the library.

    1. Dear John
      You can apply in person, by bringing your ID and proof of residence. You can also apply online. To apply online> You visit our website http://www.cojelearning.org.za home page and click “membership:” You fill in a Google form. Your membership will be ready within 7 days and you use the allocated number at any branch within the Johannesburg municipality

      Happy reading

      Your eLearning Librarian

  2. Hi, I want to extend the borrowing time for a book borrowed at Olivedale Library. Can i renew it online?

    1. Hi Stephanie
      Please share your membership number I will forward to the library and they will renew your books.

      Your elearning Librarian

    1. Dear Mariam
      Yes you can apply online with your passport number . Takes 7 days to get a membership number . Click on Membership on our website and follow the application process.

      Kind regards
      Elearning Office

  3. Hi I would like to apply for part time job at the olivedale library, as i have a membership at this library and am very happy with their service. I would like to assist in anyway.

    1. Dear Ronel
      City of Johannesburg jobs are advertised centrally on the http://www.joburg.org.za website under “work in Joburg” on the menu. You will find different opportunities on the page. Libraries also advertise positions on the same page of the website, if and when there are vacant positions.

      Happy reading

      Your Elearning Librarian.

  4. Hellow. What happens if I do not return my book on time? And how can I renew online?

    Tried calling the Olivedale number on the website but it does not go through. Thanks.

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