Pennyville Library

The Pennyville Children’s Library does not have permanet staff, it relies on staff from other libraries to come on selected hours of the week to run it. The library is a container structed library and small in size but does not refrain it from providing good service to the children, young adults and community as… Continue reading Pennyville Library

Parkview Library

Parkview Library is in partnership with Pam Goldings by cleaning the library garden once a weekly and also working with the Residence Association during Parkview literary festival. Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the library. July and December school holidays programmes are planned regularly and children are read stories. These are always well attended… Continue reading Parkview Library

Parkhurst Library

The library is situated in the Recreational Facilities Center next to the Community Hall, Parkhurst Municipal Clinic and Verity Park in close proximity. The library ensures that they have an inviting and interesting space to read and study. There is a small study area in the library that provides a quiet place to study, and… Continue reading Parkhurst Library

Newlands Library

Our cherished library is a community hub, where programmes are delivered and people engage in lifelong learning. Newlands Library has state of the art library programmes that are in line with the 4th industrial revolution. We offer information literacy and e-learning training amongst other self improvement resources. The library also offers homework assistance to school… Continue reading Newlands Library

Melville Library

Melville Library provides quiet areas for studying, as well as common areas for collaboration. We have computers for patrons to access the internet, use for personal and professional reasons like creating a CV, sending email and to access our electronic books on overdrive. The library is located inside the beautiful Melville Boulevard Shopping center and… Continue reading Melville Library

Linden Library

Linden Library is committed to helping all members of the community from adults to childern in order for them to develop the necessary skills that they need to survive and thrive in a global information society and enrich them with moral life lessons and digital skills. Basic functional literacy is an essential skill for all… Continue reading Linden Library

Emmarentia Library

The library is situated within close proximity to the local Emmarentia schools which makes it convenient for learners to visit on a regular basis. Our aim as a library is to see constant improvement and continuous change in our community and a general adoption of a learning and prosporous local community. One of our highlights… Continue reading Emmarentia Library

Coronationville Library

Coronationville library aims to ensure that the library remains an integral part of the community. We are located inside the Coronationville Recreation Center and provides physical and digital access to the a wealth of information and all types material. The library collection includes printed materials, digital content accessible through overdrive, and other physical resources such… Continue reading Coronationville Library

Bosmont Library

Bosmont Library is situated in Bosmont Center close to the Recreation Center and Clinic. The library offers people free access to a wealth of information and other information related services, whether online or in print. We work closely with local schools and collaborate with the relevant authorities and educators. The library has many educational programmes… Continue reading Bosmont Library

Blackheath Library

Blackheath Library is a busy and friendly community library situated in the heart of the Blackheath Heathway Centre. Our library is a community hub, where programmes are delivered, and people engage in lifelong learning. Blackheath Library ensures that community library programmes are in line with the 4th industrial revolution by offering information literacy and e-learning… Continue reading Blackheath Library

Rabie Ridge Library

The libray has a study area which provides a quiet study place for those that wish to do so. Wi-Fi is available to the public for free in order to facilitate seamless research by anyone wishing to use it. The library hosts various programmes including business workshops, youth workshops and other public events with the… Continue reading Rabie Ridge Library

Klipfontein View Library

Klipfontein View Library is situated in the Klipfontein Multipurpose Centre. The library has partnerships with creches, schools and old-age homes, as well as homes for the homeless in the area. The childrens library is separate from the main library and has a great selection of books to cater for children of all ages. A separate… Continue reading Klipfontein View Library

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