Pimville Library

Pimville Library has a diverse community raging from elderly people to young families with small children. The members cover the full spectrum of racial groupings and are generally income. There is a greater demand for leisure reading material then study and reference work, Although we do provide a service to children and students needing information and help with homework. A number of students make use of the library for study purposes. The Wi-Fi in the library is also attracting people to come and do their work in the library, such students, people who are working but on study leave etc.


    1. Hi Lesego
      Thank you for your interest in our libraries and we are glad you enjoy your visits to your local branch.
      Let us know if you have any ideas for new programmes that you would like us to introduce.


    1. Hi Lesego
      We are happy that you enjoy visiting our libraries. Feel free to suggest the type of activities or programs you would like us to introduce.

      Your elearning Librarian

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