Rivonia Library

Rivonia Library has friends of the library which was established in 2004. In October 2004, children’s books were moved into a separate building which was renovated (Children’s Library). Friends of the Library held colouring competition for children to celebrate the opening of the new Library. The friends are the wonderful support group for the library also partake in raising funds to pruchase new books. The collection at Rivonia Library consists of adult, junior, young adult fiction and non-fiction, easy reading and vernacular. Magazines are availbale for circulation and there is a reference books collection, The audio visual collection consists of CD’s and DVD’s. These items are provided by City of Johannesburg Municipality and the Friends of the Rivonia Library


    1. Dear Marais
      Thank you for your interest in our library services. To become a member, you can register for membership, online at the safety and comfort of
      your home. To register online as a library member, click on Membership from the website homepage (www.cojelearning.org.za) and fill in the Google form,
      your membership number will be ready within 7 working days. You can use that membership number for E-books and audiobooks through the Libby app,
      and other online resources like digital newspapers and magazines, or online articles for research through our website. You can also use it at
      any of the 87 City of Johannesburg libraries for printed books. You can also visit any branch to use study areas.

      Happy reading!!
      Your Elearning Librarian

  1. Hi Library Teams,
    Have been trying to call to extent my books today on both Rivonia and Sandton landlines and seems both lines are down.
    Please extend and call me back/e-mail that all is ion order.

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