Sandringham Library

The Sandringham Library is staffed by a Librarian, Library Assistant and a general assistant. It is next to the recreation centre sports ground, park and shopping centre. We have services that we render at our library besides just lending books to our patrons, we do have free Wi-Fi, storytelling sessions, books clubs and PWD programmes. A lot of our patrons are the elderly people and from the Jewish community to be precise. Sandringham library was an old farm house build in 1946. It was then changed to be the library in 1952. It is a small library with big a collection and a lot of members, it is mostly used by elders, it is situated in a Jewish area hence our patrons most of them are Jewish people. We have a relationship with few schools that are not far from the library as we let them participate in programs such as battle of the books, story skirmish and science scuffle.


  1. Hi there,
    I would like to apply for a library card for my daughter at the Sandringham library. She is 7 years old.
    I was told to apply through this link?

    1. Dear Tandee
      Thank you for your interest in our library services. As a parent you can do the application for her.
      To apply for FREE membership online> visit our website home page by clicking “membership:” and you fill in a Google form. Your membership will be ready within 7 days and you use the allocated number at any branch within the Johannesburg municipality. You will then be able to use our services both online and physical books
      The branch will guide you on how ling you can take the printed books, it is usually 2 weeks, and it is FREE.

      Your eLearning Librarian

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