Tshiawelo Library

The Tshiawelo Library is largely used by students from various tertiary institutions who use the library for study and reference purposes. A study area is provided to students and researchers to be able to study in relative peace and quiet. During the school holidays, the library runs various fun holiday programmes. In addition to that, E-Learning programmes and Business Workshops are also organized free of charge at intervals to encourage skills development and entrepreneurial literacy in the community. Topical and educational digital displays are created and changed monthly, and patrons can look at them on a smart TV which is also used to inform them about events, programmes, and other relevant library-related facilities.


  1. Good morning

    I trust you are well. I would like to enquire about visual artists’ biographies and if these are available in your library. I would also like to enquire about your operating times.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi
      We have forwarded your enquiry to the Tshiawelo library and they will check and respond on your email

      Elearning Office

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