Weltevreden Park Library


The library was established in the early 80’s and this library building was opened officially in 1985. It was established to meet the needs of a growing community, with young families moving into the area. There was no library facility anywhere in Weltevreden Park at that stage.

Community profile

It is a public library serving a diverse community ranging from elderly people to young families with small children. The members cover the full spectrum of racial groupings and are generally middle to high income. There is a greater demand for leisure reading material than study and reference works, although we do provide a service to children and students needing information and help with homework. A number of students make use of the library for study purposes. The WiFi in the library is also attracting more people to come and do their work in the library, such as students, people who are working but on study leave etc.

The Library is busy, and with the influx of people moving into new developments/complexes, it seems to grow faster as people are becoming more aware of the library. The library is doing well with holiday programmes, and story hours and has been involved with presenting Digital Storytimes and holiday programs during covi19 lockdown. The library is situated just behind the Palm Court Shopping Center, down the road from the BP petrol station on JG Strydom Dr.


  1. why is the library no longer open on a Saturday, it is difficult for those of us working to get there during the week. Would be great if this could be considered, even if it were once a month.

    1. Dear Delia
      We would love to open libraries on Saturdays like before. Unfortunately there was a labour issue raised through unions around Saturday hours arrangement and payment. It has since then been going through the correct processes to find a solution. We cannot give you a definitive answer in terms of what the outcome will be, as it is a labour matter.

      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. Dear Peter
      Thank you for your interest in our library services. We do offer E-library services, where you can access eBooks, Online Newspapers, articles and other databases. To apply for membership please access the application on our website home page http://www.cojelearihg.org.za and fill in the Google form. You will receive membership after 7 working days. You will then use that number to access e-library collections. You can also use the same membership number to access printed material at your nearest library.

      Hapoy reading
      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. The matter is still being resolved and we will announce on social media once we reopen on Saturdays

  2. HI there

    I Have a few books that I no longer need or read, I was wondering if you take book donations and how do we go about dropping them off?

    1. Hi Karlyn
      Please speak to library staff at Weltevreden. They do accept donations.

      Elearning office

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