Yeoville Library

Yeoville Library is the central service unit of Yeoville community. Its main purpose is to offer a wide range of knowledge and wisdom related to community economic development, eradication of poverty and self-individual empowerment to residents of Yeoville. It consists of four sections which are children, young adult, adult and study section. The library host different reading community development programs which assist kids and the community at large with reading development. These programs include Battle of the Books, Story times, Science Scuffle, teen clubs, and business workshops holiday programs and literacy education.


    1. Dear Charmane
      We apologize for the inconvenience. The Wi-Fi at Yeoville Library works, but occasionally it can be down due to weather conditions or loadshedding that affects connectivity, but according to library staff, it was off for a day and came back on. Please enquire with the library and they will update you as well.

      Happy studying.
      Your Elearning Librarian

    1. Dear Mbali
      Currently our libraries do not open on Saturdays due to a labor matter that is being addressed. We will announce once libraries start opening on Saturdays again.

      Your elearning librarian

    1. Dear Samantha
      We currently have interns in libraries that were recruited last year and their contracts will end in July 2024, and some in September 2024. Our internship program is usually 18 months and depends on availability of funds that particular year, so we do not always have internship in libraries. Our Internships are advertised on the City’s website, under “work in Joburg” on the menu, and search for “job opportunities. You have to regularly check at least once a week, you can find adverts for permanent or contract jobs, internships and learnerships even from other departments. You can also check for government jobs on the website and download their Circular that comes our every Thursday for jobs and internships. ( )

      Good luck.

      Your elearning Librarian

  1. They currently have no working Wi-Fi once again, it’s been a week. Let’s not get started with the staff; absolutely rude. One of them frantically yelled at kids for browsing through the book shelves(they hate reorganizing the books, which is their job)

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