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Weltevreden Park Library’s outreach with STINT NGO.

by Gwyneth Perry

November is Thanksgiving month and Weltevreden Park Library decided to reach out to women in need by holding a collection drive. The aim was to collect dignity packs from members of the community, to be given out at the end of November. The library is collaborating with STINT, which stands for Supporting Those In Need Together,  a Weltevreden Park-based Community outreach program that identifies community members in need and will be instrumental in delivering the dignity packs collected through the library.

On Wednesday the 16th of November Adeline Singh, co-founder of STINT, spoke at a Tea and Inspiration event held at the Weltevreden Park Library. She explained the objectives of STINT and encouraged community members to get involved in it. STINT provides food packs for families in dire straits as well as providing career guidance and skills development to people needing to find work. STINT provides a hand-up, not a hand-out, to the people that they assist. Adeline explained that they are also keen to create a community vegetable garden and possibly establish a shelter in the Weltevreden Park area.

The Weltevreden Park Library will continue to work with them through community drives, provision of library resources, and space for up-skilling and career guidance.  The staff at Weltevreden Park Library are excited to have established this collaboration and hope to be able to work with them to make a difference in the lives of people in their local community. To donate items or to support STINT NGO, please contact Adeline Singh, at 0722711979 or email


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